Project Requirements

DNE has developed a number of internal applications that needed to be accessible by its internal and European staff and by a number of their world-wide staff. This needed to be secure and scalable whilst being simple to deploy on a global scale.

The Solution
Layer3 introduced a Citrix solution to be used via a web server to provide worldwide secure access to internal applications. We could show that performance would satisfy requirements even for dial up users and that it would simplify administration thereby reducing costs. We developed a customised module to provide the system with the ability to handle Network Address Translation and support load balancing through destination NAT'ing firewalls.
• £25000 was saved in reducing the need to deploy, support and maintain a Citrix server for each network.
• £95000 was saved in reducing the number of Microsoft and Citrix licenses required for the project worldwide.

• Reduces costs with a simplified administration for deployed applications
• Reduces costs by being compatible with any desktop that can support a browser, removing the immediate need to upgrade
• NAT module removes need to purchase multiple web servers
• Supports dial up user even on slow 96k modems.